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Information for Suppliers: Beware of attempted fraud!

We are recommending that all suppliers to our NGE entities and subsidiary companies should be doubly vigilant about messages that appear to originate with NGE.

Our terms of purchase and payment are the subject of rigorous and detailed procedures, and these transactions are never made exclusively by e-mail or phone.

Please take time to carefully check the identity of anyone who contacts you claiming to be from NGE Group, and we would particularly encourage you to check the authenticity of e-mail addresses.

If you have even the slightest doubt, never respond positively to this type of approach, but instead contact your usual NGE point of contact, preferably by phone.


We are in charge of the maintenance for the 2 metro lines since : ✅ 2014 for line 1 ✅ 2019 for line 2 We are proud to accompany the development of urban transport in Panama and the renewed confidence of our client! Congratulations to all @TSO @CIM @NGE-BTP

19 April 2021


🇲🇦 MOROCCO: INAUGURATION OF NEW DESIGN OFFICES Diversification is intensifying in Morocco and in Africa with the opening of two new design offices dedicated to the development of rail and fibre-optic activities. Integration and welcome breakfast at GENERALE ROUTIERE - NGE #CASABLANCA Good installation to all! GENERALE ROUTIERE - NGE NGE CONTRACTING NGE - BTP #RAILROADS #CATENARIES #FIBREOPTICS

01 April 2021


France #GRANDPARISEXPRESS Extension #Ligne11 to the east #RosnyBoisPerrier: from concreting the 3M slab at #Carnot station (662 m3), from the invert of the secondary access at #LaDhuys to the dismantling of the thrust frame at #Hôpital: work is continuing in full swing while the #tunnelier #Sofia continues to dig towards #Carnot station >>arrival scheduled for the beginning of April >> Stay tuned!!! Congratulations to all! @NGE-BTP @Demathieu et Bard, #implenia, @ RATP Photos @Stéphane Bouquet #GENIECIVIL #TRAVAUXSOUTERRAINS #FRANCE #GRANDPARISEXPRESS #L11 #L11#GC01

29 March 2021


🇫🇷 : #GRANDPARISEXPRESS : CHRISTENING OF #MIREILLE TUNNEL BORING MACHINE ON LINE 16 The traditional blessing of the statue of SAINTE BARBE, patron saint of miners, is an important moment for the entire brotherhood of miners. #Mireille, the #tunnelboringmachine will dig 5.3 kilometres between the Bel-Air structure in #Chelles and the Mare au Chanvre structure in #Sevran. It is scheduled to leave in March 2021.

22 March 2021


[🇸🇳: Senegal : International Women's Rights Day] In Senegal, on the initiative of our female employees, International Women's Rights Day was honoured at NGE CONTRACTING and celebrated in colour around one of our strong values which is #Unity. Thank you to them for this state of mind and this beautiful dynamic which encourages all our employees to continue developing our activities in #Senegal by relying on our human values, which are fundamental and so important! 😀😍

15 March 2021

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