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133 Boulevard De Graville
76600 Le Havre

NGE CONNECT is a new subsidiary company formed to take care of the design, rollout and maintenance of smart device networks, such as video surveillance, urban transport management, smart lighting and parking systems, and environmental monitoring systems. It is part of the Pipelines & Other Underground Networks business line.

Created out of our acquisition of S2F Network in Le Havre, whose core business is the development of smart device networks, to complement our expertise in optical fibre optics and power supply systems, NGE Connect will allow the Group to position itself in the market for the smart technologies that will be central to regional development going forward.

  • Pipelines & other underground networks Pipelines & other underground networks
20 rue Caumartin
75 009 Paris


The real estate development division of NGE is working alongside the territories to support developments in the real estate sector and offer a global response to the service of usage. This division is able to offer global solutions by bringing together the expertise of the Group’s three main businesses in construction, concessions and real estate development.

Chemin de Moundran
31470 FONSORBES, Midi-pyrénées

LACIS provides dedicated electrical installation services for all types of project.

NGE Concessions
Square Edouard VII
20 rue de Caumartin
75009 PARIS


Working through NGE Concessions, we step in where the Group’s centres of expertise are required to fund, design, construct, service and maintain infrastructures by setting up Public Private Partnerships in the form of concession contracts, public service outsourcing contracts and partnership agreements. We can act as consortium lead contractors or consortium partners.

Avenue de Laurade
13103 Saint-Étienne-du-Grès


We believe in the strength of the team, we thrive with and for our customers, we continually advance and push back our own boundaries, we look to the future with confidence and optimism, we apply our experience with passion and never compromise the standards, we focus our energies for the benefit of all the new generations and we build structures that make the world a better place.

Multi-trades, customer service and their work.

NGE brings together 7 construction trades and offers a comprehensive approach to carrying out the projects entrusted to it. This is the force of multiple exchanges.

  • Building construction Building construction
  • Pipelines & other underground networks Pipelines & other underground networks
  • Civil engineering Civil engineering
  • Road building & road equipment Road building & road equipment
  • Geotechnical solutions Geotechnical solutions
  • Rail infrastructures Rail infrastructures
  • Urban infrastructures & earthworks Urban infrastructures & earthworks
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Parc d’Activités de Laurade


GUINTOLI is the historical and main subsidiary of NGE for the VRD activity and earthworks. Thanks to its regional entities (BARAZER TP, BROUTIN TP, MARMIN TP, MULLER TP, TP LYAUDET, and TPRN), it is able to work on construction sites of all sizes, from general earthworks to VRD works.

Drawing on the experience gained over several decades on the major motorway and LGV construction sites, GUINTOLI operates throughout the country as a specialist in land movements.

  • Urban infrastructures & earthworks Urban infrastructures & earthworks
ZA de Restavy
Rue Jean Brito
56 240 PLOUAY

BARAZER is the specialized regional earthworks subsidiary of NGE, a French multi-category building and public works group.

BARAZER, a local player serving its territory, carries out earthworks of all types (from general earthworks to urban Vrds), intended for public and private customers.

Whether it is for urban or road projects, BARAZER approaches each project with the same know-how: its expertise and knowledge of the territory allow it to provide tailor-made solutions to serve the client and his work.

The synergies developed with the NGE Regional Directorates offer BARAZER the opportunity to position itself on more technical projects.

  • Urban infrastructures & earthworks Urban infrastructures & earthworks
Lieu-dit La Périère

BERENGIER DEPOLLUTION is an expert in the field of pyrotechnic depollution and asbestos removal.

  • Urban infrastructures & earthworks Urban infrastructures & earthworks
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We provide a comprehensive service for water supply and wastewater drainage networks. We are expert in all the techniques involved in the collection, piping and treatment of wastewater, the replacement and interconnection of water abstraction pipelines and associated hydraulic structures, drinking water treatment, and the installation and fit-out of dry networks, especially those for electricity supply.


We are also well known for our expertise in optical fibre network engineering to facilitate the rollout of FttH (Fibre-to-the-Home) to areas not already served. Bridging the digital divide is a live and substantial social and regional development issue, and we are very proud to be part of the solution. One of our flagship projects in this market is a public initiative network (PIN) for the French departments of Haut and Bas-Rhin; the first of its kind on such a scale, it serves 700 separate communities.
We are involved in the design, construction and operation of two major public initiative networks in France, totalling 1,500,000 connections; a figure that represents 10% of all the PINs included in the French Superfast Broadband Plan.

  • Pipelines & other underground networks Pipelines & other underground networks
3 allée de la Seine

NGE INFRANET, with the support of EHTP and LACIS, has been created exclusively to pilot projects in the field of fibre optic deployment, and is responsible for the design of the telecom networks and the construction of the necessary infrastructures in air and underground.

The installation, the connection of optical equipment, as well as the maintenance of networks can also be ensured by his care. With her expertise, she is one of the major players contributing to the implementation of the France Tres Haut Débit plan. Its customers are telecom operators and communities.

  • Pipelines & other underground networks Pipelines & other underground networks